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Our Capabilities

Manpower & Maintenance Services Ltd has a proven record of performance in the commercial cleaning and related services for the past twenty five (25) years. The portfolio of services being offered includes high end clients in a variety of industries island wide:

Facilities Maintence Services

A leader in facilities maintenance with a proven record for professionally managed, outsourced services, we provide clients with cost saving solutions and support.

Our trained, certified and experienced team members identify and ensure that facilities – buildings and grounds – receive quality attention, which is enhanced through partnerships with efficient and reliable specialists. We are experts in:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Human Resource development
  • Janitorial and related services
  • Train and match workers for local and overseas market. Workers are prescreened and undergo security clearance.
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Plus More...

Our efficient emergency response team promptly restores your premises and makes it operational in the shortest possible time. We believe that each client is unique and therefore customize our services to fit particular commercial business and personal home specific needs.

pest control

Pest Control Services

Protect your health, property and crops from the threat of pests. We help you get rid of pests fast by implementing an integrated pest management plan that is tailored just for you. Our certified pest control operators are trained to:

  • Inspect your premises and identify all pest threats and risk areas.
  • Evaluate underlying reasons for current infestations and make recommendations to mitigate reoccurrence.
  • Follow international best practices to safeguard your health and protect your investment when conducting activities such as:
    • Fogging
    • Misting
    • Termite control treatment during the pre- and post-construction phases

Janitorial Services

Our trained janitorial teams are briefed on your specific needs before being deployed and:

  • Perform duties according to a jointly-defined schedule which specifies what is to be cleaned, when, how and how often.
  • Can be assigned either full-service cleaning duty or item replenishment duty where they check to ensure there is sufficient paper towels, soap, toilet paper and other supplies.
  • We ensure the performance standards described in the service level agreement are honoured by sending our Contracts and Quality Control Coordinators on impromptu and scheduled visits.

Landscaping & Grounds

Maintain clean and attractive grounds for your residential or commercial property. Our trained grounds maintenance technicians will maintain your:

  • Landscaping
  • Parking lots
  • Walkways and roadways

They also collect and remove garbage from your premises to ensure a hygienic environment and help prevent pest infestation.

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